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Spectacle Lenses 

Single vision lenses are for those of us who require only one prescription to correct their vision. 

Bifocal lenses have two prescriptions within one lens, usually reading in the lower half and distance in the upper. 

Varifocals provide clear vision at all distances without the dividing line of a bifocal lens. As well as a distance and and reading prescription, the middle area can be used for an intermediate distance, ideal for computer use. The new digitally surfaced varifocals give a much larger field of clear vision. 

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Enhanced reading lenses are specially designed for people using computers and who read a great deal.

As an independent optician, we at Orrell Opticians are free to select lenses from any manufacturer to give you the best possible result from your prescription. 

Lenses are made from a wide range of materials. There are thinner and lighter materials that make your spectacles lenses look better. 


We can add treatments to lenses to make them perform better. An anti reflection coating will help to reduce glare and reflections as well as improving the cosmetic appearance of your lenses. 

A hard coat can help to reduce scratches on your lenses and help to prolong the life of your spectacles.

Photochromic lenses are ideal for patients who are sensitive to the light as they darken when outdoors and protect the eyes from damaging UV rays. The transitions range is the newest lens on the market and it changes in colour very quickly, and is available in grey, graphite green and brown.