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Optomap in Ellesmere Port

Optomap ultra-wide field retinal imaging helps us to protect your eyes and pick up eye or general health issues much sooner, hopefully before they are problematic. 

This is because optomap allows us to see 5x more of your retina in a single image compared to older technology.

Simply choose 'Enhanced Eye Test' when booking

Benefits of Optomap

  • Optomap imaging is an ultra-wide field scan of your retina, allowing us to examine a 200° angle compared to 45° angle of your retina (compared to previous generation cameras). 

  • This means we can more accurately assess the health of your eye and your general health. 

  • Optomap imaging is painless and comfortable. Nothing touches your eye at any time. 

  • ​Dilation drops are usually not needed – so you can drive straight after your appointment. 

  • It's quick - image capture takes less than half a second and the results are available immediately.  

Optomap retinal imaging

Optomap Vs OCT

eye (12).png

OCT is another great tool, but it will not assesses the peripheral retina. 


Traditional methods to assess your peripheral retina (non digital) can be less revealing about your true eye health. 


Optomap is very helpful from a social distancing perspective - your optometrist will not need to be so close for so long. 

eye-drops (2).png

To get a good OCT scan, dilating drops are often needed, so you are left with blurred vision (temporarily)

Request your Enhanced Eye Test Today! 

When booking, request an Enhanced Eye Test. Optomap is performed before the eye test and before you see your optometrist.


£55 for private patients


£25 if you're an NHS patient

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