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Childrens Eyecare

At Orrell Opticians, we have been accurately assessing children’s eye health and visual development for more than 80 years, so you can rest assured that your little ones eyes are in safe hands.

It’s normal for children to be a little apprehensive about their first eye check, but will quickly realise that there’s nothing to worry about!

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Childrens eyecare

Are Your Little Ones Seeing Sharply?

The first appointment usually takes about 30 minutes, as there are baseline tests to complete.


Sometimes we use eye drops, but only when necessary and it is well worth the short-term discomfort.

We see toddlers from 2 years old. If you have any eye concerns before the age of 2, then we will likely recommend a referral to the Countess of Chester via your GP.

Regular eye tests for your child are important for a number of reasons including the below:

  • Most of how a child learns and develops is vision-related, so it is vital that you get them examined at an early age.

  • Underperformance in the classroom may be due to a need for glasses.

  • 1 in 5 children have a visual problem, the sooner any visual problems are detected, the better we can treat them.

  • Vision problems that are untreated until 7 years old, can become untreatable.

children eye test

Benefits for children

Regular check-ups and up-to-date eyewear can result in the following for your child:


Rocketing educational attainment


Reduced headaches & eyestrain


Increased confidence in class and in life


Improved participation and skills in sports

Does your child struggle with reading? 


What to look out for

Common signs to look out for that your child might be struggling to see clearly:

  • Frequent squinting or frowning

  • Excessive eye rubbing

  • Closing one eye when watching tv or reading

  • Tired eyes or headaches

  • Skipping words or whole lines when reading

  • Difficulty seeing text from a board

  • Poor literacy

  • Sensitivity to light

Booking your child's eye check

Book In

Book a meticulous eye test with one of our friendly opticians. Visit, call, or book online.

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Get Tested

Your little one's eye test will include ultra -modern technology by an experienced optician. We need ~30 minutes to check their eye health, and to see if glasses would help. 


If glasses are needed, learn when & what to wear the glasses for. If everything was fine and glasses not needed, enjoy some peace of mind!

Have a Brew

Now it's time to sit back, relax and see how their sight improves!

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