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Your Local Independent Optician in Ellesmere Port

A big part of what sets us apart from other opticians is that we are an independent optical practice.

These days, people are keener than ever to shop local and support small businesses that are willing to go the extra mile. 

Being independent, this means we can source from a wide array of suppliers for frames and lenses, keeping our range fresh and exciting. 


Most importantly, it allows us to invest in our equipment and team to provide you with the world-class eyecare that you can rely on when you need us most. 

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What Sets Us Apart?

Have you been frustrated with your previous optical appointments that…

  • Were very busy & overcrowded?

  • Kept you waiting for ages?

  • Didn’t use cutting-edge technology to examine the inside of your eyes?

  • Seemed in a hurry to sell you glasses?

  • Had an unappealing selection of frames...

  • ... that didn’t seem to fit you right?

  • Didn’t provide a personalised experience?

  • Left you with unmet expectations?

We understand!

Here's what we can offer instead...



Experienced and consistent team. You can request to see the same optician and dispenser every time!

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State-of-the-art equipment for a truly thorough eye exam, as well as optomap technology for earlier diagnosis.


You're Not a Number

We consider your screen time, face shape, hobbies and much more when we recommend the best options for your lifestyle.  




We handpick our high quality products that are made to last - saving the planet and saving you money in the long run.


5* Service 

We don't have a large advertising budget, so we try harder to earn your trust (and a nice review if we are lucky 😉)

Your Patient Journey

Here's what to expect from your appointment with us.

You’ll have a meticulous eye test and be offered a range of solutions at various price points, where you decide what you want.

Book In

Book a meticulous eye test with one of our friendly opticians. Don't forget your glasses or your medication list!

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Get Tested

Have your personalised eye test using ultra-modern technology & a 15 years+ qualified optician.

Allow 40 minutes for this. 

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Get Styled

Don't be confused about styles suit you best - we will find the perfect frames to complement your look with our Styling Session! 

Allow another 40 minutes for this.

Have a Brew

It's time for a break, you've just taken your eyes to the gym and you need a brew!

Allow 60 minutes for this...


After a short wait, we'll call you to get your new eyewear professionally fitted by our experienced staff.



Allow 15 minutes for this. 

We Know What An Unsatisfactory Optical Experience Feels Like...

We know what it feels like to experience a rushed optical appointment and then to leave not feeling completely satisfied.

We have literally 'been there'

We completely understand your frustrations, as most of us at Orrell Opticians have worked at the big, fast paced opticians. We were the ones churning out quick eye tests and fast dispenses -- striving to keep up with the backlog of patients.


We ran late...

We often ran late more often than not as we struggled to keep up. Time was not something that was easily afforded to patients that need that little bit extra. Our colleagues at that time were not always trained to the standard we wanted – and needed. 


We needed change

We all knew we were capable of doing better work – to make a real difference to our patient’s lives. So our patients could perform to their best at home, work or in life. 

We needed better equipment 

Firstly, we knew we needed better equipment. This means having the best equipment to look deep inside the layers of our patient's eyes. We want to be able to scan huge swathes of retina that have not been recorded digitally before. It also means being able to quickly liaise with an NHS eye specialist to review our findings.  

We needed to support our support staff more

Secondly, we needed an experienced team around us to support each other. We needed our colleagues to stay a part of our team for many years, and get trained to a very high standard. A practice that keeps hold of its staff is an absolute necessity for the best patient care. 

We needed to listen to you more

Thirdly, we knew we needed to spend more time really listening to our patients. We ask about medications, hobbies, computer screen set up, sports participation – to name a few of the things that help us do things right.

Could we do it? 

In order to make our dreams become reality, we had to break free from our mainstream paymasters, and leave behind the only world we knew. Would we miss the fast-paced culture? Would we be OK getting paid less but having more job satisfaction?

Lets go

One by one, over many years, all the staff at Orrell Opticians made the decision to leave behind that rat race. We knew there must be a way for patients to receive a world-class optician’s experience.  Whereby the patient’s needs are central, and they get the right amount of time, technology and experience dedicated to their needs. 

We needed to offer something special…

Lets be independent 

It had to be an Independent Opticians…


Lets up our game 

It had to have the latest technology, the best equipment, an experienced team and specialty clinics that you just won’t find at the mainstream opticians...

It absolutely must stock the best in eyewear and lenses... 

Here we are

One by one, each and every staff member were drawn to join the team at Orrell Opticians, one of the oldest opticians in the North West. Today, there are 20 of us making up the team at Orrell Opticians – and we are all dedicated to providing world class eyecare in Ellesmere Port.

Will you join us?

Meet the team who will be looking after you

Very helpful staff, excellent eye test, would recommend.

- Gillian -

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Great service as always, best optician in town.

- Peter -

via Facebook

 Nothing was too much trouble and we were treated in a friendly professional manner

- Julianne-

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