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Eyewear Collection

Your ideal eyewear must maximise your vision, but should also reflect who you are and your unique style. 

We stock a wide range of designer, fashion and niche optical brands for you to choose from with the assistance of our experienced dispensing stylists; Dawn, Jess and Helen.

We will helpfully guide you through the process of selecting glasses, showing you what to look for and what to avoid. 

You'll have your glasses for a couple of years at least, so lets invest some time and effort to get it just right. 

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Styling at Orrell Opticians

Do you find choosing the right eyewear a pain?

Are you bored of trying on lots of mass-produced frames and sunglasses that leave you feeling a tad underwhelmed?

Are you looking for a frame that makes you, you? 

Then look no further. We've got this.  

Are you looking for some real optical experience to help you find 'the one'?                                                                                     

At Orrell Opticians, our experienced dispensing stylists; Dawn, Jess and Helen will help you to find the perfect eyewear to compliment you and your lifestyle. 

Let us style you

Our process will show you how glasses can mirror your personality and fulfil your lifestyle needs. We evaluate everything in detail from your facial shape and proportions to your skin, hair and eye colour and reveal what would work for you from our exclusive collection of spectacles.

We make the process of choosing glasses easy going & fun - where the final result is one that you will love for years to come. 

Discover frames & sunglasses worth flaunting

Our Glasses Brands

We handpick our collection of eyewear to bring you the very best

Visit us to view the full collection or get in touch if you'd like our expert team's help finding the perfect frames for you.

Our Team's Top Picks

Woman with designer frames

Your happiness guaranteed

What if your glasses don’t perform how you expect them to?

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee to ensure your happiness. Your new purchase is also backed up by our 30-day ‘Love it or Leave it’ guarantee. This means that, if for any reason, you find that the fit of your frame (or your lenses) is uncomfortable within 30 days of collecting your new spectacles, you can opt to choose an alternative frame and lenses that will be more comfortable for you. There will be no additional charge.

What if I find your product elsewhere for less?

If you find a like-for-like product from a high street optician for less, we will refund you the difference!

Can you help me choose the right pair?

Don’t be confused about what frames suit you – get the definitive answer in one of our ‘Styling Sessions’ with our expert dispensing team.

We can advise on the best lenses too...
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