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Enhanced Eye Examinations at Orrell Opticians

Help your sight last forever by detecting eye diseases up to 5 years in advance, using our hospital-grade equipment, OCT & Optomap. 

This new equipment means we can detect eye conditions much sooner, before they show up using more traditional eye testing methods. 

You can benefit from these scans by getting referred for treatments earlier, or simply have the piece of mind that your eyes are healthy and you're doing everything you can to maximise your eye health for the long term. 

We are the only Opticians in Ellesmere Port with both OCT & Optomap technology, so if you want to benefit from this impressive equipment, book in today.  

Enhanced Eye Examinations

Simply request your 'Enhanced Eye Examination' when booking your appointment

What is the difference between a Basic Eye Test and an Enhanced Eye Examination?

There is a world of difference between a basic or NHS-funded eye test and an Enhanced Eye Examination at Orrell Opticians. Read on below to find out more.  

In summary, by choosing to enhance your eye examination, you take advantage of state of the art equipment which gives us a much more detailed view of your eye and as a result, a better long term view of your eye health.

Basic Eye Test

Here we can see just a 45° view the surface of your eye

vs our Enhanced Eye Test

Experience the most technologically advanced eye test in Ellesmere Port, and beyond

Benefits of Optomap

Optomap retinal imaging

Optomap ultra-wide field retinal imaging helps us to protect your eyes and pick up eye or general health issues much sooner, hopefully before they are problematic. 

This is because optomap allows us to see 5x more of your retina in a single image compared to older technology.

  • Optomap imaging is an ultra-wide field scan of your retina, allowing us to examine a 200° angle compared to 45° angle of your retina (compared to previous generation cameras). 

  • This means we can more accurately assess the health of your eye and your general health. 

  • Optomap imaging is painless and comfortable. Nothing touches your eye at any time. 

  • ​Dilation drops are usually not needed – so you can drive straight after your appointment. 

  • It's quick - image capture takes less than half a second and the results are available immediately.  

Benefits of OCT

  • ​Our state-of-the-art, hospital grade OCT equipment features a built-in 12-megapixel CCD camera which will produce very high quality images of your eye.

  • With an OCT scan, we can see the layers underneath the surface of your eye and measure the thickness to spot any concerns.

  • Macular degeneration, Glaucoma and Diabetes are just some of the conditions which can be detected using our OCT apparatus.

  • OCT a non-invasive scan which is quick to complete. Our particular equipment takes 70,000 scans per second! This is faster than other models available elsewhere.

  • Following your scan, we can keep your images on your patient file so that, over time, we can spot any changes and we may be able to intervene and treat concerns before they progress.

Orrell Enhanced OCT Eye Scan
OCT Eye Test Machine
Orrell Opticians OCT Eye Scan Results

Optomap Vs OCT

OCT Eye Test

OCT captures a very detailed scan of a small portion of your retina, whereas Optomap assesses a huge area of retina, but in a more superficial way.


They combine to provide the perfect retinal examination. 


OCT & Optomap are both quick and non-intrusive methods of capturing very different images of your eye.

OCT will take 70,000 scans / second while Optomap will take 6 images in total!

OCT & Optomap

Both Optomap and OCT are very helpful from a social distancing perspective - your optometrist will not need to be so close for so long. 

Modern technology is even more important in these post Covid times. 

Eye Drops

During an OCT scan, you may need dilating drops which means you'll be unable to drive for a short while afterwards.


Optomap works exceptionally well through small pupils & cataract, so we don't need dilating drops often. 

Our Advanced Equipment

We understand the immense reassurance that a great eye examination brings. That’s why we invest heavily in new equipment and staff training continuously to analyse the results accurately.


Upgrading your eye test means you can benefit from more of our state-of-the-art equipment.

Request your Enhanced Eye Test Today! 

When booking, request an Enhanced Eye Test for our most advanced eye test, ever. 

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Enhance your basic NHS test  for £25 per scan. Maximum fee = £50 per patient. 

Enhanced Eye Examination

£95 for Enhanced Eye Examination for Private Patients (includes OCT & Optomap)

Enhance Your Basic NHS Test

Going basic? Our simple eye test is still available, free for NHS qualifying patients or £45 for private patients.