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Amanda Lang  Receptionist

Amanda Lang


I’m a (superstar) receptionist at Orrell Opticians and have worked here since 2016.

My main responsibilities are:

1. Communications; reminding you that your appointment is due. Then finding the right appointment with the right optometrist.

2. Welcoming; Greeting you with a warm welcome and completing your related appointment administration.

3. Visual fields; checking your field of vision, as requested by the optometrists.

Prior to working here, I worked as Outpatient Liaison at Countess of Chester. This involved talking with patients, helping them rearrange their appointments. I found the transition to Orrell Opticians quite smooth. Clearly, I like jobs where I can talk a lot!

I love coming to work as the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed for patients and staff alike. Having the opportunity to help patients on their eyecare journey also makes me smile.

My significant other is Robert, and I have 4 children, plus a pooch called Kai!

When I’m not at work you’ll find me hitting Cheshire Oaks, for food or shopping, I’m easy!

Anna Roberts  Receptionist

Anna Roberts


I'm a receptionist at Orrell Opticians and have been here since 2007.

My key jobs are;

1. Making appointments, and preparing the clinic, so you see the most appropriate clinician.

2. Conducting visual field tests, to make sure there are no missing parts to your field of vision.

3. Ensuring the practice is Covid safe. We can't have too many patients & everything must get wiped down.

In a previous role, I worked at a dental surgery. Then and now, I enjoy using my warm personality to put people at ease before their examinations.
I'm told I'm very organised - maybe because I'm always at work 30 minutes before I start!

I find every day to be different at Orrell Opticians, you never know what each one brings. That's what makes it interesting! Not to mention my lovely work colleagues. They make it fun to come to work and we have a good old laugh!

My other half is Nick and we have two grown-up boys Harry & Dominik.
In my spare time, I love to travel, cook up some tasty food or simply catch a movie!

Fun fact - I was born in a small town called Omagh in County Tyrone - the town that Ashley is from! What a small world!

Dawn Abbott  Dispenser / Frame Buyer

Dawn Abbott

Dispenser / Frame Buyer

My key responsibilities are;

1. Frame styling to help you find your look.

2. Dispensing you the best lenses within your budget.

3. Hand-picking frames from selected manufacturers for our lovely patients.

Prior to working here, I have been at Specsavers and Frederick Howard Opticians. I'm at my best working at an independent optician where I can spend some quality time with patients. I'll get to know you and your needs so you can make the right choice.

Many people dread choosing glasses, but I make it my mission that you enjoy the experience and walk away with glasses that you love, within budget.

I thrive off meeting existing patients (friends) and new patients (not friends yet).

I'll help you freshen up their look with a fabulous new pair of glasses. Seeing the smile on their face when they collect their glasses is a great aspect of my job!

Outside of work, I’m married to Paul and we have two grown-up boys called Sean and Ryan.  I’ll often spend my lunchtimes in the shops hunting out a gift or two for my grandkids Bella, Daisy, Ivy, and Bonnie!

I’m a keen walker and runner, which allows me to eat out with Paul when we aren’t babysitting!

Helen Johnson  Assistant Practice Manager

Helen Johnson

Practice Manager

The top things I do are;

1. Guiding patients on lenses, frame styling, and collecting their new glasses.

2. Accounts & Inventory Management.

3. Rota and clinic planning.

Aside from this, I love supporting my team with ongoing training and development.

I worked at Skilbeck & Jones Opticians, which merged with Orrell Opticians in 2018. It’s lovely seeing all the familiar faces are still coming to see us here now too 😊.

My personal and caring approach allows me to develop great relationships with patients.

My significant other is Neil. I have three kids; Melissa, Sophie and Finn, and now two granddaughters in Bella and Daisy! Oh, let's not forget Flo the cat!

At the weekends you'll find me hiking, working out or something more sedate - I love art galleries!

Funny story (more of a fact): I thought I was a good singer, seemingly I’m not according to Flo the cat!

Jenny Bradley


I'm a receptionist at Orrell Opticians. I'll give you a warm welcome and a happy smile upon your arrival.


My Main responsibilities are;

1. Reminding patients that their next eye test is due 😊

2. Triaging patients with eye problems so that they're seen faster.

3. Performing visual field tests to ensure your peripheral vision is healthy 😊

Formerly, I have worked at a GP practice as a medical receptionist , and been a volunteer. I love these types of jobs where I get to interact with people and be a part of their healthcare journey.

I'm married to Craig, and we have two kids, plus a hamster and a cat!
I'm into photography, reading my kindle & cycling with my family.

Claim to fame - I once played in a tennis match with an opponent who went on to play at Wimbledon. She only beat me by a single point!

Jess Portsmouth  Dispensing Optician

Jess Portsmouth

Dispensing Optician

I'm a fully qualified Dispensing Optician and have been at Orrell Opticians since 2007.

My key responsibilities are;

1. Ensuring impeccable dispensing standards from frame styling, to order, checking & collection of glasses. This applies to me and my team.

2. Running Visual Stress and Irlens clinics to help people read faster and be their best.

3. Diabetic retinal screening with my teammate Laura.

I have before worked at Skillbeck & Jones Opticians, which was my first job as a 16-year-old! It's nice to see those patients at Orrell Opticians, allowing us to continue their eyecare.

I love working for an independent optician. Access to any lens and frame makes finding the best solution for each patient possible. When a patient has been told that something won't work, I make it my mission to find a way!

I get excited to come to work so I can leave my mummy side at home. Don't get me wrong, I love my boys; Bobby & Jake & husband Rob, but being a professional and having adult conversation is fab! To relax, I like to walk my dog Penny and chill out with a movie or two.

Liz Uddin  Optometrist

Liz Uddin


I’ve been an Optometrist at Orrell Opticians since 2015. I carry out meticulous eye tests, urgent eyecare contact lens fittings & aftercare.

I’m responsible for your eye health and finding the best prescription for your eyes.

Before now, I’ve worked for big-brand opticians like Vision Express and Tesco. I've also practiced at some smaller independent practices in my hometown of London.

I’m excited to come to work with my wonderful team, who help to make my day run without a hitch (usually)!


I love bringing treats to work, and ply my team with lots of cake on a weekly basis!


My husband Ghaf also works here as an Optometrist. We met studying Optometry at Bradford Uni ♥. We have two teenage daughters and a one-eyed cat!


When I’m not testing eyes you’ll find me on a yoga mat, walking in a forest, or binge-watching K Dramas on Netflix!

Ashley Jardine  Clinical Director

Ashley Jardine

Clinical Director

My main role is Clinical Director but I also develop and grow the practice.

The main things on my plate are;

1. Testing your eyesight & eye health, then advising on how to maximise your vision.

2. Assessing emergency patients with acute eye problems; flashes, floaters, red-eye & dry eye to name but a few.

3. Developing the practice to keep a steady flow of existing & new patients.

Qualifying in 2005, I have worked in all the mainstream opticians. I've also spent a lot of time in smaller independent opticians where time wasn’t limited, and the equipment was cutting edge. It was perfect! So when a partnership opportunity arose at Orrell Opticians, I was thrilled! The role allows me to look after patients 'my way'. I can develop my team & practice to be our absolute best for our patients and Ellesmere Port community.

I’m excited to come to work and use all our new technology on my patients. For example, Optomap ultra-widefield retinal imaging helps us to protect your sight. There's no other device like it in Ellesmere Port 😊.

I'm very lucky to have inherited a very knowledgeable, committed and friendly team. I also get a kick when I see the smile on your face with your new prescription! Knowing we have improved someone’s life is a great sensation.

My significant other is Krina, and we have a toddler called Nikhil and a baby called Amaya! They keep us on our toes, through the night oftentimes, so if you catch me looking bleary-eyed, you’ll know why! When time allows, I’m a keen runner, 5 aside player, squash player and when back in N Ireland I’ll be fly fishing for trout!