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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will an appointment take?


Our Enhanced eye exam will take 30-40 minutes for adults and young people alike. Contact lens fittings are 60 minutes and contact lens aftercare appointments are 30 minutes in duration.



When am I due for an eye test?


Usually, most adults are seen every 2 years, however, some are seen more often if we are monitoring something e.g. risk of glaucoma. If you are unsure if you are due, please give us a call on 0151 355 1077



Do we have wheelchair access?


Yes, we have full wheelchair access.


Do we do diabetic screening appointments on a Saturday?


At the moment we do not offer this service. However, we run two diabetic retinal screening clinics per week and the wait time is usually less than 10 days.


Do we do combined diabetic retinal screening and eye test appointments?


If we can fit this into our workload, we can. Otherwise we carry these appointments out separately. 


Can someone come to my appointment with me?


If you would feel more comfortable having someone accompany you, we are happy to accommodate your needs. We just need to be mindful of having too many people in an enclosed room.


I like my current frames, can I re-glaze them?


Usually, that’s OK, we just need to assess the frame to make sure that’s the best course for you (we don’t like to put lovely new lenses into an old scratched frame).


Also, you might be without a spare pair of glasses if you decide to re-glaze. Who wouldn’t benefit from a spare pair of glasses!?


Why do you need a list of my medications?


We do things by the book here at Orrell Opticians.


Checking what medications you are on gives us a good insight into your general health conditions, which can be related to eye problems.


It makes for a more comprehensive eye test. Oh, and you won’t have to try and pronounce all the complicated names of the meds either. 


I am under the hospital for eye care follow-up, do I need to come and see you too?


Normally yes, except for Wet AMD treatment or if you have pending treatment or surgery.


The hospital usually monitors a small number of aspects of your eye health, whereas we will test your eyes more generally.


If you are unsure, give us a call on 0151 355 1077 and we will discuss this with our Optometrist for you.


Can I see the same optician as last time?


Of course! That’s one of the benefits of coming to Orrell Opticians, you can choose who tests your eyes and dispenses your glasses.


Our team has a very low staff turnover. It’s a nice place to be!


Do you have a female optician?


Yes, we have lovely Liz who will happily test your eyes or see to your contact lenses.


She usually works Wednesday to Friday.


When booking, ask to see her.


Why do I have to book an appointment to collect my glasses?


Yes. We use an appointment system for collections so we can provide you with the best experience. 

This means we spend the right amount of time getting things right for you.


Do we have toilet facilities?


Yes, we do indeed. 


Should I wear my contact lenses to my contact lens aftercare appointment?




We want to see how the settled lens looks on your eye, so please insert your lenses one hour before your appointment time.


If you need an eye test too, we can do that straight after your aftercare - please ask for this.


Is there parking available?


Yes, we have a handy 8 spaces available just outside the practice.


What day are audiology appointments available?


Our audiologist Graham is available on Fridays.


Please call to book in to see him, or check out our Audiology page.

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