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Cheshire Diabetic Retinal Screening

At Orrell Opticians we work hard to reduce waiting times for your annual Diabetic Retinal Screening appointment. 

Your eye health is incredibly important to us so we ensure that you will be seen sooner and receive fantastic care. 


We are proud to say that 99% of our Diabetic Retinal Screenings are offered within 1 week.

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Diabetic Retinal Screening at Orrell Opticians, Ellesmere Port

To make the whole process as easy as possible, here's what you can expect from us:

Short waiting times - The next available appointments are within the next 7 days. 

Easy to find - we are located at 68 Whitby Road opposite Lloyds or just down the hill from HSBC


Free parking - if someone has dropped you off (you cannot drive for a few hours after your appointment as your eyesight will be blurry)

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Experienced screeners - book in to see the lovely Charlotte or Jess who are passionate about looking after our diabetic patients. 


COVID-19 Secure - with the utmost hygiene measures being taken


NHS patients don't pay for this service

Your Diabetic Screening Appointment

Please allow 40 minutes for your appointment

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Make sure you bring your glasses along with you. 

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Eye drops & retinal photography after the drops have worked.  

Have a brew!

It's time to sit back & wait for your results within 3 weeks. These come from the NHS directly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during a diabetic eye screening appointment?

  • A diabetic eye screening appointment lasts around 30 minutes

  • We will check your sight – so please bring any glasses you may use with you

  • Drops will be administered to your eyes to make your pupils dilate, temporarily. The drops may affect your vision for a few hours so you should not drive after your appointment. If in the unlikely event you experience any unusual symptoms such as pain or redness in or around your eyes, or ‘misty’ vision please seek medical advice as you may be experiencing an adverse reaction to the drops.

  • Photographs will be taken of the back of your eyes. The camera will not come into contact with your eyes.

  • The Cheshire Diabetic Eye Screening Programme will send a letter to you and your GP within 3 weeks with your results.


What happens after the screening appointment?

This depends on your results.


Most people are recalled for diabetic eye screening again in a years’ time. 

Some patients may need more frequent screening appointments to monitor your eyes.


If so, you will receive updates about when to come by post. 


Some patients may need to be referred to the eye hospital for a second opinion with an eye specialist.


Occasionally, if we were unable to get a clear view of your retina, you may be referred to a 'Slit Lamp Clinic', which we also hold at Orrell Opticians. This is a 3D examination of the back of your eyes.


I am pregnant; do I need to have more regular screening?

Pregnancy can increase the risk of rapid progression of diabetic retinopathy.


Pregnant diabetic patients should be screened in their first trimester if possible at around 10 weeks (unless a screening appointment has already occurred in the last 3 months) and then again at 28 weeks.


Some patients may need an additional screening appointment at 16-20 weeks or a referral to an eye specialist at the hospital.


Pregnant women who develop gestational diabetes are not offered diabetic eye screening.


Are home visits available for diabetic eye screening?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer diabetic eye screening in the home as our equipment is not portable.

I do not want to attend diabetic eye screening, what do I have to do to stop receiving invitations?

We encourage patients to read all available information about diabetic retinopathy and screening.


Some people may decide that they do not want to be screened for diabetic retinopathy and can opt out of the programme. You should contact your GP to do this.

I’m moving out of Cheshire, how can I make sure I still get diabetic eye screening invitations?

Please contact the Diabetic Screening Service on 01270 275524 and they can inform the diabetic eye screening programme in your new area.


If you forget to do this, when you change GP, they should instruct the diabetic eye screening programme in your new area that you are diabetic and they will send you a diabetic eye screening invitation accordingly.

My diabetes has resolved, why do I continue to get diabetic eye screening invitations?

Following health guidance, patients should continue to be screened for diabetic retinopathy for life if there has ever been a definite diagnosis of diabetes.


It’s like having an extra MOT every year, so we think it’s worth doing.

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