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Eyewear Fashion 

For the ultimate in comfort we have a wide range of rimless frames which can be hand-made to your individual specification. Choose from over 30 different lens shape, the option of hinged or non-hinged sides in a variety of new colours and designs. You can choose any combination to have a unique look. 

Many frames are available in lightweight, hypoallergenic materials such as stainless steel and titanium. 

Our opticians will help you with frame shapes and colours and recommend the most suitable styles for your prescription. When you have selected your frame, we will measure the fitting on your face, and order the correct bridge size and side lengths. It is important that your frames fit correctly to be comfortable and give you the maximum benefit from the lenses. 

We are also experienced in fitting children's frames and stock a large selection of colours and sizes. 

We have over 400 styles of frames to meet everyone's style and budget.

From the value ranges to designer frames, we can help you find the perfect frames for you. 

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Sports Vision 

Many sports can create potential hazards to the eyes for both the spectacle wearer and non-spectacle wearer. It is important to protect the eyes from being hit with a ball, racquet or wind, but all to protect the eye from harmful radiation, e.g. UV, IR.


  •  Glare needs to be reduced to a minimum and certain tints can enhance performance for specialists sports e.g. golf, cycling.

  • We sell a range of eyewear to meet your sporting needs including swimming and ski googles. The correct sports wear can offer a high standard of protection from impact and irritations. 

  • If you need a prescription this can be fitted into a special insert that is clipped behind the sports visor. 

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Everyone needs to protect their eyes from the harmful rays of the sun and the disabling effects of glare. Glare is a problem especially when driving. 

Whether you wear glasses or contact lenses, we have the correct sun lenses for you. 

All of our sunglasses incorporate protection from UV radiation that may damage the eyes. Wraparound designs offer the most protection while polarised lenses selectively block out reflected light, hence reducing glare to enhance contrast and improve colour recognition. 

The Maui Jim range of sunglasses have the polarised plus lenses, and come in many different styles and colours. This is really important to give your eyes maximum protection against the harmful effects of the sun and UV.