Take your Eyesight to the Next Level

Too often, people have quick eye tests & buy their glasses in a hurry. 

Let's slow things down and do it right at Orrell Opticians.

Since 1937

Your Local Opticians in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire

We won’t rush your eye test.


Your sight is incredibly fine tuned and incredibly important to us. That's why we use state-of-the-art Optomap technology & frame style you the right way.


It takes time to comprehensively test your eyes and capture your eyewear style. However, it will be time well spent, and you'll love the results!

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*as of 12.05.2022

Selecting Frames

Why Choose Orrell Opticians?



Proper opticians built on 85 years of impeccable service to the community. Our aftercare persists long after the sale has happened.



Our Essilor lenses give you better vision and last longer. Copycats abound, but there's no beating best-in-class lenses. Our frame ranges balance cutting edge fashion with excellent craftsmanship.


Peace of Mind


The best eye testing equipment in Ellesmere Port – bar none! Nowhere else in Ellesmere Port has the perfect equipment combo of OCT, Optomap & iCare. We’ll explain the results in an easy-to-understand way.



No puffer air pressure test [Icon [from elsewhere in the site]. No one likes getting air blasted in the eye. So, we invested in new equipment to make your eye test less uncomfortable.

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silhouette designer frames for females

Jack's Legacy Continues

At Orrell Opticians, great eye tests have been happening here since 1937, when Jack Orrell opened the practice in Ellesmere Port. 


Our patients demand (and receive!) an excellent eye care experience by a meticulous optician using modern technology.


However, that’s just part of what you want; you also want to find your perfect glasses that compliment your look and your style. To get you there, you need an Enhanced Eye Test and a fabulous choice of handpicked eyewear brands from around the world.


The problem is, the majority of eye tests in Cheshire are by the mainstream opticians, so it oftentimes feels rushed. With so many patients booked in, that's the inevitable customer experience we often hear about.   

We don't think a quick eye check is OK, or to feel like you are buying your glasses in a hurry. 

Let's slow things down and do it right at Orrell Opticians.


Patients examined in 2022.

It's only a small number, since we spend the right amount of time examining each & every one. 


Diabetic Screenings this year so far


The number of days to wait for our next diabetic retinal screening appointment.

Give us a ring to go on our cancellation list, so you could get screened sooner.


Free patient car parking spaces at the practice front door. Handy!


Eyeballs examined & counting!

[Yes, that is an odd number since not everyone has two eyes!]

09:00 - 17:30

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 Pleasant, friendly and helpful staff. Ashley Jardine the Optician was exceptional, one of the best Opticians I have met. He was patient kind and very professional. He made my experience a very good one 

- J Stamp 2022

They go the extra mile . Very special support and expertise . Jesse and Anna stood out for superb personal service . Excellent professional optician. Great communication and care .

- K Sharratt Dec 2021

Staff were friendly and the optician was very informative and explained each procedure. I did not feel as though I was on a 'conveyor belt' as it was all calm and relaxed.

J Starkey 2021