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Dry Eye Clinic, Ellesmere Port

Dry eye symptoms can be varied in nature and degree, and tend to occur more in some environments; a windy day, for example. They can also be task specific; like when using a computer.

Common symptoms can include:

  • Burning/stinging/grittiness

  • Itching

  • Light sensitivity

  • Eye redness

  • Variable vision/eye tiredness

  • Contact lens discomfort

  • Excessive watery eyes!

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Young man with dry eyes

“After years of irritation my eyes are feeling normal again already”

—Mr J Johnson—

Say Goodbye to Dry & Uncomfortable Eyes

Our Dry Eye Specialist, Andrew, offers a specialist evaluation of your dry / watery eye.


He provides effective treatment plans to the vast majority of patients with these symptoms.

Andrew will carry out a detailed assessment of Dry / Allergy Eye, involving some the following steps:

  • Health and medication history

  • Symptoms/Past Dry/Allergy Eye treatments

  • Tear quantity/quality assessments

  • Microscope examination of the front of the eye

  • Microscope examination of eye lids.


Andrew is an educator in dry eye and contact lens practice, having presented internationally. He also has published clinical trials, one conducted in Orrell Opticians, and authored numerous clinical articles.


In addition to all of this he has a passion for helping patients say 'goodbye' to their dry eye.


Dry Eye Clinic Consultations are £95, which includes one follow up appointment, but doesn’t include prescribed eye drops, ointments or gels.

Book a Dry Eye Consultation with Andrew . (Thursday only)


Your detailed ocular history & examination.

eye-drops (2).png

Start a treatment plan that day!


Say goodbye to your dry eye! (in 90% of cases)

Finally, attend a follow-up appointment to review your progress.

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