Contact Lenses

To suit your Lifestyle

We fit all types of contact lenses including disposable and non disposable soft lenses, and all types of rigid gas permeable lenses.

Disposable soft lenses are very easy and comfortable to wear. Options include: daily disposable lenses (that can be worn every day or occasionally for sport or social wear), two week or monthly lenses.

Over the last few years, there have been many improvements in the materials used to make contact lenses. They give more oxygen transmission and moisture control. These enhance all day comfort and maintain clear vision throughout the day. This helps to keep the eyes feeling fresh and comfortable all day long.

Most prescriptions can be fitted with contact lenses including ‘toric‘ lenses to correct astigmatism and ‘multifocal’ lenses to correct distance and reading prescriptions. For a change of look why not try coloured contact lenses with or without prescription?

We have a fully qualified resident Contact Lens Optician:

Christine Harm FBDO(Hons)CL

Christines‘ previous experience includes fitting contact lens and training professional staff at a large UK multiple chain of Opticians. She is now responsible for the fitting of contact lenses at the Countess of Chester Hospital, and here at Orrells. She has experience in all types of contact lenses, including specialised lenses for colour blindness and dyslexia. Christine is also an Examiner for ABDO (the professional body) and a visitor on the GOC (General Optical Council) panel, specialising in education.